Information for Students who Have Applied or Been Admitted into the Culinary Arts Program

New Student Orientation

Once you have enrolled in the culinary arts program at Central Piedmont, you are required to attend a new student orientation before you can register for program classes. The orientation will present information about student file, faculty advisors, program progression and structure, tools and uniform requirements, and technical, attendance, and academic standards. The orientation usually lasts about two hours. Please contact the program chair to verify you are eligible for the program orientation.

Orientation is held on Central Campus in the Van Every Culinary Arts Building.

Required Supplies

All culinary students are required to purchase new uniforms and at the Central Piedmont Bookstore. Prices for each item vary by size. Since names are embroidered on the uniforms, there is a minimum two-week lead time to order uniforms. Financial aid recipients should communicate with the financial aid office regarding the purchase of required uniform and tools. All students are expected to be in uniform the first day of class.


  • 2 Central Piedmont Chef’s Coats
  • 2 pants
  • professional chef’s pants, black and white check
  • shoes
  • 2 aprons
  • bib apron, white
  • socks, white
  • 2 hats
  • skull cap, black (bandanas or other head coverings may not be worn)
  • 2 side towels (must not be tattered or torn)

Other Supplies

  • Culinary Arts Program Student Knife Kit (equipment purchased outside of the bookstore is expected to have all appropriate tools for each course and is subject to departmental approval)
  • calculator
  • masking tape
  • bi-therm thermometer

Uniform and Personal Appearance Standards

  • All uniforms and accessories must be clean and well-maintained.
  • Shoes should be comfortable, slip resistant, and low heeled. Rubber heels are preferable. Closed-toe, leather shoes or black or white clogs are required. Shoes should be in good condition and appearance.
  • If a t-shirt is worn under the jacket, it must be a solid color.
  • Pants must fit well, be of acceptable length, and cannot be tattered or torn.
  • Makeup should be moderate and natural and give a fresh, wholesome appearance.
  • All students are required to bathe daily.
  • No jewelry may be worn, with the exception of wedding bands. Visible body jewelry including tongue studs, nose rings, and earrings may not be worn.
  • Hair should be clean, conservative, well-groomed, and neat. Mustaches and beards are allowed if neatly trimmed. Hair longer than shoulder length must be braided or tied back. No extreme styles or ornamentation.
  • No perfume or cologne may be worn.
  • Fingernails should be clean not extend beyond the fingertip. No nail polish or false nails may be worn.
  • Attire required by a student’s religion will be accommodated if and to the extent accommodation can be accomplished consistent with the interests of Central Piedmont and in maintaining appropriate standards of health and safety. Requests for accommodation of religious attire must be submitted in writing to the program chair. No deviation from the lab dress will be permitted unless and until the request for recommendation is granted.