Free App For College Turns Your Phone Into a Personal Security Device 

As part of the Central Piedmont Risk, Safety, and Security unit’s ongoing commitment to campus safety, the Emergency Management department is offering Rave Guardian, a free mobile app that turns any smartphone into a personal safety device. All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to download the FREE Rave Guardian safety app to check in with family, friends, campus security, or others they trust to help them stay safe on campus. 

The Rave Guardian app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, or Google Play. You’ll use your Central Piedmont email address to create an account. You can also learn more at

With the Rave Guardian app, students and employees can:

  • Register and set up an account: They can add their name, campus address, medical notes and other pertinent information for campus safety in case of emergency.
  • Easy emergency communication: In an emergency, a one button call to College Security Services will display their profile and current location.*
  • Send anonymous tips: See something, say something. The app allows them to anonymously text suspicious activity to College Security Services, including photos.
  • Add and message Guardians: By adding roommates, friends, and family – called “Guardians” – to your network, they can feel safer when walking alone, on or off campus. Guardians can also be messaged directly through the app. 
  • Set a safety timer: In the event a student or employee feels unsafe, they can set a timer with their current location, indicating where they are going and their expected arrival time. In the event they do not make it there and deactivate the timer, Guardians or College Security Services will be immediately alerted. 
    • They can also call the college’s non-emergency line at 704.330.6632 for a safe escort to their vehicle on campus.

Our students, employees, and community members are always encouraged to report any issues of concern: If you see something, say something. For more information, visit the college’s emergency communications webpage.