Career Services: Employer Recruitment Guidelines

We appreciate your interest in recruiting Central Piedmont students and graduates. Please review the following guidelines for all the ways to partner with our office.  

Posting on the Central Piedmont Handshake Job Board 

Employer partners with Central Piedmont Career Services must adhere to the following guidelines when posting job opportunities to our Handshake job board. 

Full and Part-Time Jobs

Full or part-time paid opportunities must adhere to federal and state employment regulations and laws. Central Piedmont Career Services reserves the ability to edit, delete, or refuse any employer partner account that does not adhere to our requirements.

We will not post full and part-time job opportunities that:

  • require payment from students for any reason, including positions that require fundraising from students in order to participate

  • provide students with a financial incentive for recruiting other students

  • are located in an employer’s private residence

  • ask students to engage in activities that violate the Student Code of Conduct


Our Handshake job board is reserved for paid internship opportunities. For unpaid opportunities, apprenticeships or co-ops, please contact our Workplace Learning department.

Paid internships should:

  • include a defined duration: i.e., date-to-date, length of weeks, or semester

  • provide an educational experience that allows students to build upon skills that are being learned in the classroom

  • have an assigned supervisor

On-Campus Programming

Employer partner visits must be registered and confirmed by Career Services. 

Flyers and Bulletin Boards

Central Piedmont does not permit business advertisements on college bulletin boards per the college posting policy.

Positions or career events should be posted on Handshake prior to submitting materials for bulletin boards.

Flyers, posters, business cards, or other employer partner information must be approved by Central Piedmont Career Services before being posted on campus bulletin boards. All materials must contain: company name, address, contact phone number (fax number or email), and type of employment opportunity.

Materials will not be posted indefinitely. Career Services reserves the right to manage these materials on our bulletin boards as we see fit.

Social Media

Central Piedmont’s Career Services monitors social media outlets and reserves the right to edit or delete content deemed inappropriate.

Employer’s that violate these policies or other policies stated by the college may have their recruiting privileges revoked.