Campus Notices Guidelines

Bulletin boards and other College-hosted sites (kiosks, etc.) are an effective medium for communicating with employees, students, and visitors to Central Piedmont’s multiple campuses in a consistent and transparent manner.

All such bulletin boards and hosting sites are reserved for use by the College to provide official government information (Equal Employment Opportunity, Wage and Hour, Health and Safety); to support College-functions and activities (events, performances, forums, etc.); and to facilitate the work of student organizations. Student Life approval is required for materials posted by student organizations or non-College entities. Business or commercial advertisements or vendor solicitations, personal postings (items for sale, etc.), or related matters are not permitted on College bulletin boards or hosted sites.

Electronic message boards at the multi-campuses are maintained by Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations, campus Student Affairs directors, or their designee(s), for the purposes of communicating College information.

Related Policies and Procedures