Leadership and Management


Leadership is a proven difference. Effective leaders better position your organization to outperform others in key areas, including financial performance, customer satisfaction, service quality, productivity, talent retention and employee engagement. Sample descriptions tell how the Corporate Engagement team can help build your leadership strength, prepare leaders to manage change, to inspire trust and to more effectively make decisions and solve problems.


Clear and concise communication is fundamental to success for managers. Central Piedmont's Corporate Engagement team can help your team members develop or improve time management, speaking, writing, or listening skills. We can also customize a program to fit your specific needs. Available courses also cover foreign languages, which may be customized to your industry (healthcare and law, for example).

Financial Performance 

Numbers tell a story. Budgeting, planning, forecasting and more are critical for managers at all levels. The Corporate Engagement team helps managers learn and better understand and interpret financial information. Financial Services courses including Fundamentals of Accounting for Non-Financial Managers cover the basics, while the powerful business simulation, Zodiak®, engages all employees in understanding decisions and actions driven by the top and bottom lines.

Additional Topics

Because we work with organizations to meet general and specific needs, additional training topics and choices are available, including a favorite for new managers: The Seven Habits. Often, we can blend courses and/or content suited to your needs, while providing flexible schedules and convenient delivery. For content areas not shown here, or to discuss custom needs, please contact us today.

Special Needs

Organizations may have only a few individuals or even one person with the same learning needs at a given time. If you would like our help enrolling your employees for open public courses, please let us know. We can invoice your organization directly and offer support as needed to help meet your goals.