Transfer Degree Course Sequences

After you earn a Central Piedmont associate degree, you can choose to transfer to a university to continue your education.

The following is a list of Central Piedmont transfer degrees along with a general recommended course sequence of which courses you should take when based on what you want to major in when you transfer to the four-year school.

Course recommendations may vary depending on the specific school you want to transfer to. If you have any questions about a suggested course sequence, contact an academic advisor.

2021–22 Suggested Course Sequences

The course sequences on this page are for 2022–23. To reference suggested course sequences for 2021–22, use the following link.

2021–22 course sequences (PDF)

Associate in Arts Degree

Associate in Arts information

Associate in Arts - Dance Degree

Associate in Arts - dance information

Associate in Engineering Degree

Associate in Engineering information

Associate in Fine Arts Suggested Course Sequences

Associate in Fine Arts - Drama/Theatre Degree Information

Associate in Fine Arts - drama/theatre information

Associate in Fine Arts - Music Degree

Associate in Fine Arts - music information

Associate in Fine Arts - Visual Arts Degree

Associate in Fine Arts - visual arts information

Associate in Science Degree

Associate in Science information