Adult High School, GED® , HiSet® Graduation

Adult High School, GED® , HiSet® Graduation Information

Steps to Graduate

  • Submit a Graduation Application

    Submit your graduation application to the adult high school office. Please call the adult high school office at 704.330.6144. to ask how to submit your application.

  • Graduation Audit

    Once you submit your graduation application to the adult high school office:

    The College and Career Readiness department has to clear you to graduate.

    Once you have completed the necessary course work and have been given Literacy Education Information System (LEIS) clearance, your information is given to the graduation department for processing.

    The Graduation Services office will then audit your file.

    You will be notified by email that you have been cleared to graduate within four to six weeks after you submit your graduation application.

    Your transcript will be then be updated with your graduation status. You will also receive an order form to order your diploma.

    If the graduation office tells you that you need an additional course, but your advisor told you that you were finished, it is possible that your education plan needs to be updated or a course substitution needs to be initiated. Schedule an appointment with your advisor to determine how that course requirement needs to be satisfied. Once that has been resolved, call your graduation analyst to let them know.

  • Get Your Diploma

    The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) system prints high school diplomas. Graduation Services orders diplomas from CMS in January, June, and August. Regardless of when you order your diploma, you will not receive it until at least eight weeks after Central Piedmont orders the diplomas from the CMS.

    You can purchase additional copies of your adult high school diploma for $20. Contact your graduation analyst for a diploma order form.

  • Pick Up Your Cap and Gown, Attend the Graduation Ceremony (If Eligible to Participate)

    In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, you must submit your graduation application by the graduation application deadline. This guarantees your application will be processed in time to order your cap and gown. If you submit your application after the deadline, your application may not be processed before the deadline for you to purchase a cap and gown for the ceremony.

    The graduation office will email you detailed information on cap and gown purchases and other ceremony details beginning in early April. You can pick up your cap and gown beginning in late April during the Graduation Fair at the Central Campus bookstore.

    Find information about the graduation ceremony.

Graduation ceremony orientation video

Learn everything you need to know to prepare for your graduation day.