Work-Based Learning (Co-Op Education)

Instead of earning credit by attending class in a traditional classroom setting, your work-based learning course lets you earn credit and gain experience by working with an employer in a position directly related to your field of study.

Work-based learning courses start at the beginning of every semester at Central Piedmont and are offered in over 40 programs. These opportunities range from full 16-week semesters to 8-week sessions. You will complete 160 hours for a one-credit class, or 320 hours for a two-credit class during the semester.

We encourage employers to pay you, but not all work-based learning experiences are paid. In some programs of study, the work experience must be unpaid due to licensure restrictions. You will work directly with a faculty coordinator while you are enrolled in your work-based learning class.

Get Started

  • Review our list of approved programs (PDF) to find out if your program offers work-based learning courses.

  • Meet with Workplace Learning staff two-to-three months before you would like to begin working.

  • To ensure you have a successful work experience, each program has coursework that you are required to complete before you can take a work-based learning / co-op education course.

Work-Based Learning Information for Central Piedmont Faculty

Both full-time and part-time instructors can serve as a faculty coordinator for work-based learning courses, provided that you have met required credentialing to teach in the specific field of study. 

Call 704-330-6217 or email Workplace Learning for details.