Education Leave Procedures

  1. The employee will submit to the immediate administrator the Agreement for Education Leave without Pay and Benefits. The applicant shall attach a document explaining in detail the information needed by all supervising administrators and the Professional Development Advisory Committee to determine whether the proposed activities satisfy the criteria set forth for education leave without pay and shall include a statement of intent to return to the College after the leave.
  2. The employee's supervising administrator will review the application and determine whether the activities described in the application meet the requirements for an education leave without pay. Approved proposals will be forwarded to the Professional Development Advisory Committee for review.
  3. The Professional Development Advisory Committee will review the application and accompanying documents. A copy of the application and the Committee's recommendation will be sent to the Vice President. A copy of the Committee's recommendation will be sent to the employee's supervising administrator and to the employee.
  4. The Vice President will review the application, the Committee's report, and the involved administrators' recommendations and send his/her recommendation to the President for final approval/denial. The Director of the Center for Leadership and Staff Development will be informed of the decision and will notify the employee, the supervising administrator, and the Human Resources Department. The Director will forward the properly executed Education Leave Agreement to the Human Resources Department.
  5. If the length of the education leave without pay is greater than one semester, written confirmation of intent to resume employment will be provided by the employee within 30 days of the anticipated return to work.

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