1.24 General Leave of Absence Policy

A leave of absence without pay and fringe benefits may be granted for a period not to exceed 90 days to a full-time employee with more than one year of experience at the College. The employee must give reasonable notice prior to the date of the desired leave and must state in writing his/her intent to resume employment at Central Piedmont at the end of the leave.

During the term of the leave, the employee will not accrue department seniority or vacation or sick leave and will not receive salary or fringe benefits.

Upon an employee's return after a general leave of absence, the College may assign the employee to the position he/she vacated, or to another comparable position in the College for which the employee is qualified, unless a reduction in force has been made necessary by institutional financial exigency or by a reduction in the employee's program.

An extension of the leave may be granted in extraordinary circumstances.

Additional information may be found in the General Leave of Absence Procedures.

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Changes approved by the Board of Trustees on May 6, 2020