Emergency Preparedness

Know what to do in an emergency on a Central Piedmont Campus, get personal disaster preparedness tips, and review helpful tips for when severe weather is in the area.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Information

Central Piedmont is committed to maintaining the safety and well-being of all students, faculty, staff, and visitors on campus. The offices of Emergency Management and Environmental Health and Safety, and College Security Services are partners in the promotion of the Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) program. 

Locate the Closest AED

Central Piedmont has a goal of having an AED on scene of a sudden cardiac arrest in the shortest reasonable response time. Find the closest AED (PDF).

College Security also has AEDs in certain vehicles, which can be dispatched to medical incidents on campus.

Emergency Procedures

  • Medical Emergency

    Call Central Piedmont Security Services at 704.330.6911 and provide the following information:

    • location of the incident (be as specific as possible)
    • nature of the illness or injury (if known)
    • number of victims
    • your name
  • Fire/Smoke

    If you discover fire/smoke: 

    • Move away from fire and smoke. Close doors and windows if time permits. 
    • Pull the nearest fire alarm, close the door, and leave the area. 
    • Do not
      • attempt to extinguish the fire, unless you are trained and have a safe exit from the fire area
      • use elevators. Use stairs only.
      • delay your exit by retrieving personal items; only gather personal items within arm’s reach as you exit 
    • From a safe location, call Central Piedmont Security Services at 704.330.6911.

    If you hear or see a fire alarm: 

    • Evacuate the building as soon as the alarm sounds. 
    • Do not use elevators. Use stairs only. 
    • Touch closed doors with the back of hand before opening. Do not open doors if they are hot. 
    • Move away from the building and go to the Rally Point. 
    • Do not re-enter the building or work area unless you have been instructed to do so by Central Piedmont Security Services or emergency response personnel.
  • Gas Leak

    If a gas odor is detected, stop all operations immediately and follow these procedures:

    • Do not

      • switch lights on/off or use electrical equipment. Failure to follow these instructions could  cause an explosion. 
      • use cell phones or radios until outside of the affected area
      • activate fire alarms or any device that transmits a signal, or may produce a spark
    • Evacuate the affected area and go to a safe location away from the building. 
    • Once you are in a safe location, call Central Piedmont Security Services at 704.330.6911 and report the leak. 
    • Do not re-enter the building unless cleared to do so by Central Piedmont Security Services or fire department personnel. 

    Central Piedmont Security Services will respond to the scene to assist with the evacuation of the building and contact on-duty Facilities Services to assist in investigating the leak.

  • Hazardous Material/Infectious Material Spill

    • Do not attempt to clean up the spill.
    • If hazardous material comes in contact with skin, flush immediately with water for at least 15 minutes, and then seek medical attention.
    • Evacuate the area. 
    • Call Central Piedmont Security Services at 704.330.6911
    • If possible, make yourself available to responding emergency personnel to provide information that may aid in containment and cleanup. 
  • Tornado/Severe Weather

    • All students, faculty, staff, and visitors should move into or stay inside the closest permanent building.
    • Move to the lowest level of the building; basements are safest.
    • Move to the interior most area of the building (e.g., interior hallways and rooms).
    • Crouch as low as possible to the floor, facing down; and cover your head with your hands.
    • Stay away from exterior walls, windows, skylights, and other areas containing glass.
    • Stay out of areas with wide-span roofs (e.g., auditoriums, gymnasiums).
    • Remain in place until notified by Central Piedmont Security Services or emergency response personnel that it is safe to leave.
  • Bomb Threat/Suspicious Package

    Do not:

    • use cellular phones, two-way radios, or other electronic devices in or near the building 
    • handle the suspicious package or other items. Call Central Piedmont Security Services at 704.330.6911.
    • attempt to locate the ‘bomb.' Evacuate the area and call Central Piedmont Security Services at 704.330.6911 from a desk phone from another building.

    Evacuate the area as instructed by Central Piedmont Security Services or other emergency responders.

  • Criminal Behavior/ Suspicious Activity

    • Immediately report emergencies and suspicious activity by calling Central Piedmont Security Services at 704.330.6911.
    • ‘See Something. Say Something.’ 
    • For non-emergency service requests, call 704.330.6632.
  • Sexual Misconduct – Title IX

    • Call Central Piedmont Security Services at 704.330.6911
    • Call the Title IX Office at 704.330.6524.
    • Seek medical attention (if needed.)
  • Domestic Violence Issues/Restraining Orders

    Any employee or student of Central Piedmont who has a restraining/protective order should provide a copy to the executive director of College Security. Should the order be violated, Central Piedmont Security Services will address the incident in cooperation with local law enforcement. 

    An employee who becomes aware of a restraining order is encouraged to notify Central Piedmont Security Services or the Central Piedmont Care Team immediately. If you have a concern of an immediate threat, call Central Piedmont Security Services at 704.330.6911.

  • Power Outage

    All campus buildings have emergency exit lights to allow for a safe evacuation. In the event of a significant power outage, please take the following actions: 

    • Contact Central Piedmont Security Services immediately at 704.330.6911 and give your name, location, and description of the problem. 
    • Follow the directions of Central Piedmont Security Services staff. 
    • Central Piedmont Security Services will contact the on-duty Facility Services staff. 
    • Facility Services will evaluate building status and determine if evacuation is necessary. 

    All buildings with power outages will be evacuated if an evacuation is determined to be necessary for safety reasons. Risk, Safety, and Security working with Facilities Services might decide to close a campus. If evacuation is needed,  Building Captains will assist others in evacuating to a safe location. Central Piedmont Security Services will lock exterior doors, or place a guard to prevent reentry. During inclement weather, the Building Captain may direct evacuees to a different location on campus. 

  • Utility Shutdown

    Do not attempt to turn on or off any system that may have failed; utility shutdown procedures are the responsibility of Facility Services. 

    Facilities Services coordinates planned utility shutdowns. Shutdowns are scheduled to minimize disruption to school activities. 

    Unplanned utility shutdowns will be handled based on the necessity of the shutdown and the impact it will have on school activities. The executive director of Facilities Services will notify all affected parties and maintenance personnel. 

    If you identify a utility loss, call Central Piedmont Security Services at 704.330.6911. Provide the location, nature of the incident, and a description of the problem. Central Piedmont Security Services will contact on-duty Facilities Services staff for any repair or restoration actions.

  • Active Shooter

Emergency Operations Plan

Central Piedmont has an emergency operations plan to minimize the impact of an emergency on students, faculty, staff, visitors, and facilities. The emergency operations plan is an intercollegiate plan, which guides the emergency response of personnel and resources on all campuses. The plan provides policies and procedures and assigns roles and responsibilities necessary to respond effectively to an emergency. 

Training for Active Shooter Preparedness

The Safety, and Security division, in collaboration with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD), are offering Active Shooter Preparedness training for employees.  The knowledge and strategies presented in the training are designed to empower participants to make their own life-saving decisions if such an incident were to take place on one of our campuses. 

This training is mandatory for all employees, as it contains essential life-safety information. The training schedule and registration is located in the NeoGov Training Catalog (Central Piedmont login required).