About FTE Reporting

Full time equivalent (FTE) reporting 

FTE Reporting Information

  • About FTEs and ICRs


    FTE and ICR are the acronyms for full-time equivalent and institutional class report. The Central Piedmont Compliance and Audit Office generates the ICR each term. The ICR information is submitted to the NC Community College System (NCCCS) Office

    Source of data 

    The FTE data originates from the online attendance 10% roster, which contains student attendance and membership/contact hour information for each curriculum and Corporate and Continuing Education class. Accurate and timely completion of attendance is essential in order for the college to claim every FTE it has earned.  It is vital that faculty record attendance in the online system on at least a weekly basis.

    Purpose of reports 

    The FTE data reported on the 10% rosters form the basis of funding formulas, statistical analysis, and general Curriculum and Corporate and Continuing Education class information needs of the community college system. 
    The reporting system produces FTE enrollment data, which determines a majority of the revenue for Central Piedmont Community College.

    Annual state audits 

    The data reported are subject to State audits on an annual basis.

  • FTE State Reporting Periods and ICR Due Dates

    The Compliance and Audit Office depends on faculty and administration for timely reporting:

    Curriculum class information is reported to the State System Office in the reporting period in which the class 10% point falls. Corporate and Continuing Education class information is reported based on the reporting period in which the class ends.

    Reporting Period Final Due Date to System Office
    Jan. 1–May 15 (spring) June 5
    May 16–Aug. 14 (summer) Sept. 4
    Aug. 15–Dec. 31 (fall) Jan. 21