6.30 Personal Use of College Property or Equipment by Employees

I. Rule

College property and equipment are to be used to support teaching, service, and administrative functions. Central Piedmont Community College intends to comply with NC General Statutes 143B-920 (reporting information or evidence of misuse of state property to the State Bureau of Investigation) and the State Board of Community Colleges Code 1H SBCCC 200.2 Withholding of State Funds or Administrative Support.

II. Prohibited Use of Resources

It is strictly prohibited to use any College resources (including any person, money, equipment or property) to conduct an outside business or private employment or any other activity conducted for any private gain.

III. Criteria for Limited Personal Use

Occasional limited personal on-campus use of property or equipment is permitted if all six of the following conditions are met:

1. There is no cost to the state or college

2. Any use is brief

3. Any use occurs infrequently

4. The use does not interfere with the performance of any employees’ work duties

5. There is no personal gain for the employee or any person or organization

6. The use does not compromise the security or integrity of College property or equipment

IV. Removing Equipment From a Campus

No CPCC employee may remove equipment from the College for personal use, except in the case of technology resources where limited personal, non-commercial use is approved and acceptable in accordance with Policy 6.20. Employees who remove equipment without prior approval may be prosecuted.

Occasionally there may be a need for a full-time College employee to remove a piece of equipment from a campus for official College business. Removal of any equipment requires the prior written permission of the supervising administrator, giving both the location and identification of the equipment. Employees taking equipment off-campus are personally responsible for the loss, damage, or destruction of the equipment.

The Technology Equipment Use Agreement Form is to be completed with authorization obtained prior to any equipment removal from the campus. Inventory Control may require that any equipment be returned to campus when requested.

V. Reporting Violations of the Policy

Employees are directed to Policy 4.72 Reporting Potential Fraud, Damage, or Theft of College Property with regard to their obligation to report misuse of any College resources, property or equipment. Employees who violate this personal use policy are subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including dismissal, in accordance with Policy 4.07Policy 4.08Policy 4.31 and Policy 4.38.

Approved by Cabinet on August 2, 2010