Information for Students

Giving back to your community is easier than you think.

All Service-Learning staff are working remotely during the coronavirus situation. If you need immediate assistance, please email or leave a message at 704.330.6445.​

Student Procedures

If you have a requirement or an optional assignment to do service-learning hours in your class, the following steps will help you. Service-learning hours must be completed at a nonprofit agency. If you are looking to get involved on your own, let us know — we can help.

  1. Figure out how you will do your service. The community partner listing provides contact information for tons of nonprofits in our area. These are great places for you to complete your service hours. Find an organization that you are interested in and that meets the requirements you have for class. Contact the organization, stating your name and that you are a Central Piedmont service-learning student. Tell the organization the number of hours you need to complete and have your schedule ready to plan your service.
  2. Complete the service-learning registration form to let us know what class you are in and where you are completing your service. We’ll share this information with you instructor to make sure you’ve picked an approved community partner.
  3. Track your service using your service-learning time sheet (PDF). When you finish your service, have the supervisor there complete the student evaluation at the bottom of the time sheet.  Don’t forget to complete your reflection assignment for class.
  4. Complete the service-learning evaluation and print out the confirmation page that says you completed it.
  5. Be sure to turn in all documentation to your instructor. If you are doing service without needing to for class, turn your time sheet in to the Service-Learning coordinator at your campus.

Service Record

The service-learning record is a document that we can create for you that lists all of the service hours you have turned in to our department. It can include service you have done while enrolled at Central Piedmont with a particular class or on your own. The service-learning record is a great way to make yourself stand out to a four-year university or employer.

Your service record will not be sent automatically you must request your record. You can request a PDF copy of your service-learning service record from Terry Galante at Please provide your full name and student ID number in your request.

Graduation Pin

Service-Learning is proud to award civically engaged Central Piedmont students with a pin to wear with their graduation regalia. Pins are awarded to students who complete 30 or more hours of service or community engagement. You can pick up your pin after you apply for graduation and after your completion of 30 or more service hours is verified. To request a service-learning pin, email Terry Galante at

Service-Learning Work Study Opportunities

  • America Reads Work-Study

    The America Reads work-study program is different from other work-study positions because it involves working off campus. If accepted into the program, you will work at a predetermined elementary school, where your job will be to tutor children in reading. At the elementary school, you will be supervised by the volunteer coordinator, who will assist you in setting your schedule and provide you with direction.

    To apply for the America Reads position:

  • Community Service Work-Study

    The Community Service work-study program is different from other work-study positions because it involves working off campus. If accepted into the program, you will work at one of our selected community partners (typically a non-profit in the Charlotte area). Possible agencies where you may be placed include, but are not limited to, Freedom School Partners, Friendship Trays, Crisis Assistance Ministries, A Child's Place, Bright Blessings, and Habitat for Humanity. The job description for the Community Service Work-Study will vary with each agency and will be discussed upon request.

    If you are accepted as a Community Service work-study student, you are expected to:

    • attend one of the mandatory orientation sessions
    • complete any required application or other information needed by the agency where you are placed
    • keep in contact with your Central Piedmont supervisor
    • provide appropriate contact information (i.e. phone and e-mail)
    • work no more than 20 hours per work (the hours can be subject to change)
    • submit to background checks and volunteer screening
    • provide your own transportation
    • submit your time sheets electronically every month through Web Advisor (once your hours are submitted, your on-site supervisor will need to verify your hours)

    If you would like information or have questions about the Community Service work-study, please contact Dena Shonts at or 704.330.6558, or stop by the Overcash Performing Arts Center, Room 241C on Central Campus. 

    To apply for the Community Service work-study position: