Information for Community Partners and Agencies

  • Community Partner Paperwork and Resources

    • Community Partner Resource Guide: This is a very helpful guide to any potential and current Service-Learning Community Partners! This guide includes helpful academic calendar dates that will help community partners plan events around student academic obligations and holidays, notable Service-Learning Center events and more!
    • Service-Learning Agreement (PDF): Once a non-profit organization agrees to partner with the Central Piedmont Service-Learning Center, this form is required to be completed and submitted by the organization. Once this Service-Learning agreement is received, the respective organization's information will be listed on the Central Piedmont Service-Learning Center's List of Community Partners and Agencies. This is how many service-learning students decide on their service-learning placement.
    • Service-Learning Orientations for Community Partners: Orientations at a community partner's location sets the tone for the student's service-learning experience. Explaining the purpose of your organization and how students can make a difference will help the students feel more engaged, which will in turn motivate them. Please view the following guidelines for some topics to cover with service-learning students when they are completing a service-learning experience with your organization.

    Please mail any forms including Community Partner agreements to the following:

    Central Piedmont Service-Learning Center
    P.O. Box 35009
    Charlotte, NC 28235

  • Service Learning Instructors and Courses

    Thomas Anthony
    MAT 140 Survey of Mathematics
    MAT 161 College Algebra
    MAT 263 Brief Calculus
    Levine 2447

    Zachary Blackburn 
    GRA 153 Computer Graphic III 
    GRD 160 Photo Fundamentals I 
    PRN 131 Flexography I 
    PRN 155 Screen Printing I 
    PRN 156 Screen Printing II 
    Harper 213 

    Ardella Blandford 
    ACA 111 Student Success 
    ACA 118 Study Skills 

    Chris Brawley 
    REL 110 World Religions 
    LRC 418 

    Kojuanda Carrington
    PTA 110
    BLK 3114

    Lisa Cloninger
    EDU 119 Intro to Early Childhood Education
    EDU 145 Child Development II
    EDU 154 Social/Emotional/Behavioral Development
    Harris 1212

    Kenn Compton 
    GRD 110 Typography I 
    GRD 111 Typography II 
    GRD 142 Graphic Design II 
    GRD 152 Computer Design Tech I 
    GRD 241 Graphic Design III 
    Harper 207A 

    Rick Coulter
    SOC 210 Intro. To Sociology 
    Levine 2450 

    Catherine Cunningham
    City View, 111, City View Campus

    Hugh Dussek 
    HIS 111 World Civilization 
    TE 328 

    Lee Elliott
    HEA 110
    Levine I 1321

    JB Gammon
    Business and Accounting
    Central Campus, Terrell 507B

    Lisa Godwin
    EDU 144 Child Development I
    EDU 146 Child Guidance
    EDU 153 Health Safety and Nutrition
    EDU 188 Issues in Early Child Education
    Harris 1208

    Chris Goenner
    EMS 110
    Zeiss 3117
    704.330.2722 ext. 3274

    Brittany Holleran
    GRD 241
    Harper 302B

    John Holmes 
    HOR 166 Soil & Fertilizers 
    Cato HO 105 

    Martha Ingel
    COE 121 Co-Op Work Experience II
    COE 125 Co-Op Work Experience Seminar
    IPP 111 Intro to Interpretation
    IPP 112 Comparative Cultures
    IPP 161 Consecutive Interpreting
    IPP 222 Simultaneous Interpretations II 
    Cato 210

    Joan Jensen
    PSY 150
    PSY 241
    Cato I 263
    704.330.2722 ext. 4881

    James Kirkpatrick 
    ENG 090 Composition Strategies 
    ENG 111 Expository Writing 
    ENG 112 Argument Based Research 
    LRC 415

    Tommy Lopez 
    HSE 123 Interviewing Techniques 
    TE 521 

    Angela McDuffie
    HSE 123 Interviewing Techniques

    Pam McIntyre
    Early Childhood Instructor
    Harris 1 Building, 2208, Harris Campus

    Kristen Monteith
    EDU 119 Intro to Early Childhood Education
    EDU 221 Children with Exceptionalities
    EDU 280 Language and Literacy Exp.
    Harris 2229

    Steppen Murphy
    GEL 120 Physical Geology
    LRC 433

    Sandy Newnan
    EDU 119 Intro to Early Childhood Education
    EDU 234 Infants, Toddlers& Twos
    Harris 1205

    Judith Qualtieri
    DEN 224 Materials and Procedures
    Belk 3129

    Tracy Questell
    ACA 118 College Study Skills
    CH 222

    Michael  Ripoll
    Fire Protection Instructor
    Harris 1 Bldg, 2210 Harris Campus

    Elizabeth Rogers
    JOU 110 Intro to Journalism
    LRC 424

    Christine Sargeant
    EDU 131 Child, Family& Community
    EDU 151 Creative Activities
    Harris 2227

    Molly Shepard
    Soc 213 Sociology of the Family

    Jill Taylor
    DEN 231 Dental Hygiene Clinic IV
    Belk 3142

    Elizabeth West
    ENG 111 Expository Writing
    ENG 112 Argument-Based Research
    Levine 2445
    704.330.2722 ext. 7370

    Holly Woodruff
    BIO 110 General Biology 
    BIO 112 General Biology II 
    Levine 3416 

    Mona Yektaparast 
    PSY 241 Developmental Psychology 
    TE 309 

Community Partner Events and Programs