Smart Locker Pick-up Instructions for the Central Piedmont Campus Store

Smart Lockers are available for Campus Store deliveries at: Harper, Harris and Merancas Campuses

When you place an online order with the Central Piedmont Campus Store, you can choose different delivery options, including to have your order delivered to a secure Smart Locker at either Harper, Harris or Merancas Campuses.

To choose the Smart Locker delivery option, select the locker location with your delivery/pickup selection as you finish your purchase.

Instructions for picking up a Campus Store online order from a Smart Locker:

  • When your online order is ready for pick up at the Smart Locker you selected, you will receive an email from “”.

  • Do not delete that email. It contains information you will need to use at the Smart Locker to pick up your order.

  • Orders will typically be processed within 24 hours. Orders will remain in the locker for five (5) business days before they are returned to Central Campus. You may pick up your order from the Smart Locker during campus operating hours: Mon.–Thu., 7 a.m.–10 p.m.; Fri., 7 a.m.–6 p.m./end of last class.

Additional Details

Once you have arrived at the Smart Locker:

- At the locker screen, select “Pick Up Package.”

- Choose whether to use the QR code or the PIN code provided in your pick up email. 

Note for Harris Campus Lockers: Be aware there are two locker banks for Harris Campus. If your QR code or PIN Code does not work, please try the other set of lockers.

PIN code entry: (If you make an error, you may select “Cancel” and start the process over.)

- Enter the locker number provided in the email, and confirm.

- Enter the four-digit PIN Code provided in the email, and confirm.

QR code entry:

- Open your notification email and locate the QR code.

- Hold the QR code below the scanner.

Package pick up:

Once you have entered your PIN or scanned your QR code, the appropriate Smart Locker will open automatically. Please remove your order and close the door. Do not leave anything behind in the locker. If the door does not fully close, push it in firmly and hold for a moment until it remains closed.


If you have questions about your order, you can email the Central Piedmont Campus Store. Please be as detailed as possible in this email to assist the staff in responding to your request as promptly as possible.