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Looking for a job? Need to write a résumé? Want interview tips? The Central Piedmont Career Guide is a tool to help you on your path to career success.

Elevate your career with our Career Guide. The Central Piedmont Career Guide is a complete and thorough job search tool that helps you manage the job search process from beginning to end. Divided into three sections, you can choose to read the guide from cover to cover or to search for topics of interest. Find out things like:

  • What do I wear to an interview?
  • How do I negotiate salary?
  • How can I "brand" myself to employers?
  • What should I do if I may have experienced discrimination?
  • What are some online interview tips?

The first section of the guide, "Introducing You," helps you prepare to begin an effective job search; this section covers topics such as developing your brand (page 7), networking (page 8), and job shadowing (page 10).

The "Getting it in Writing" section thoroughly explains résumé writing and how to write a cover letter (page 25). In this section of the guide, you can learn how to use keywords (page 14) and action verbs (page 16) to improve your résumé as well as view examples of three types of résumés: functional résumés (pages 18–19), chronological résumés (pages 20–21), and combination résumés (pages 22–23). Résumé examples are provided for a variety of programs, including Associate of Arts, air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration technology, business administration, information technology, medical assisting, and mechanical engineering technology.

The final section of the guide, "Interviewing Me, Interviewing You," includes everything you, as a job seeker, need to know about the interview process. Along with commonly asked interview questions and tips for answering, you will learn about professional dress (page 29), discrimination (page 32), and salary negotiation (page 36).

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