Career and Technical Pathways (3 Options)

Pathways that do not require 2.8 GPA or qualifying test scores)

Central Piedmont offers 30 different career and technical pathways designed to help you get a head start on a great career. You will earn college credits toward a certificate, diploma, or 2-year degree. These programs prioritize hands-on learning and relevant workplace skills to prepare you for your career.

Pathways that require a 2.8 GPA or qualifying test scores)

For class descriptions, prerequisite information, and more information about these areas of study, please review the program listing and the college catalog.

Pathways for Ninth and Tenth Grade Students

Freshmen and sophomores may be able to choose from the following Dual Enrollment career and technical education pathways. Ask your high school’s Career Development Coordinator or counselor if you are eligible for Dual Enrollment.