Business Administration

Whether you are in banking, baking, or in public or private industry, today’s marketplace has no borders. As a result, consumers and businesses alike are in search of the best products and services that meet their needs. This process requires conquering language, cultural, monetary exchange, political, and transportation barriers that could all be too challenging to overcome without the right business knowledge at your fingertips. Jumpstart your career with a business administration degree from Central Piedmont and learn valuable business skills that can be used in a number of work environments, across a variety of industries.

What You Will Learn

Central Piedmont will provide you with the training you need to meet the needs of today's competitive, business environment. Our many certificate and two-year degree programs will teach you how to:

  • analyze securities transactions
  • analyze and evaluate company performance and industry trends and communicate these results to different audiences
  • develop, organize, and deliver business-related presentations in collaboration with ;peers, as well as incorporate consensus, compromise, and other team building skills
  • identify the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and control) with the ability to explain and analyze how these concepts impact a business environment

Students who complete the Associate in Applied Science degree or certificate in business administration will be able to:

  • apply their fundamental understanding of the field of business by analyzing various securities transactions, analyzing and evaluating industry trends, and preparing and communicating results of company analysis to different audiences
  • develop, organize, and deliver a business-related presentation in collaboration with peers to include consensus, compromise, and other team building skills
  • identify and explain the four functions of management: planning, leading, organizing, and controlling and will be able to explain and critically analyze how these concepts affect the business environment

Our two-year Associate in Applied Science degree in business administration boasts four specialization areas. Depending on which specialization area you choose, you'll graduate from Central Piedmont prepared for a career in advertising, sales, operations management, project management, transportation, management, interviewing, placement, needs assessment, planning, legal issues, compensation and benefits, training, and more.

Global Business

The business administration - global business curriculum will prepare you to be a globally minded professional in a global economy who is empowered to operate in a culturally diverse world. You will be equipped to lead and to develop international business models and practices.

Human Resources Management

The business administration - human resources management curriculum is designed to meet the demands of business and service agencies, equipping you with an understanding of the administration, training, and management of human resources. Course work will not only study management, interviewing, placement, needs assessment, planning, legal issues, compensation and benefits, and training techniques, but will also review people skills, learning approaches, skill building, and the development of instructional and training materials.

Marketing and Retailing

The business administration - marketing and retailing curriculum will teach you fundamental marketing and retailing skills, such as merchandising, selling, advertising, computer technology, and management.

Project Management

As one of the most highly requested skills across the business spectrum, the business administration - project management curriculum will give you the training you need to perform as part of a project team or as the leader of a project team within a variety of exciting and emerging industries. Learn how to:

  • evaluate a project’s needs and requirements
  • develop large and small scale project budgets and schedules while also managing the financial resources of the project
  • identify project risks
  • perform risk assessments
  • utilize tools for successful contingency planning

You can also do a continuing education project management review course designed to help you pass the PMI® CAPM certification exam.

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Why Choose Central Piedmont

It is our mission to encourage, engage, and empower our business administration students through innovative programs, partnerships with local business employers, relationships with alumni, excellence in teaching, and career skill building. At Central Piedmont, you will:

  • learn from our knowledgeable faculty, who have experience working in both corporate and governmental organizations
  • enjoy flexible class schedules, smaller class sizes, personalized attention, and less costly tuition 
  • have the opportunity to choose from a certificate or two-year degree program that both focuses on your specialty area of interest and will help you meet your professional or academic goals
  • gain valuable information from experienced guest speakers representing today's business and industry elite
  • have the opportunity to gain leadership experience and participate in national competitions with Enactus

Real World Education

At Central Piedmont, your education goes beyond what you learn in class. We offer numerous opportunities for you to enhance your learning  — and to make friends, network, and pursue your passions — through clubs and organizations, sports, events and activities, leadership opportunities, job experience, volunteer experiences, visual and performing arts, and even international experiences.

Careers in Business and Average Salaries

Business administration skills apply to every aspect of the working environment and are valuable no matter what career path you choose. A business administration degree signals to employers that you have the type of skills and training they value most. Visit Central Piedmont’s Career Coach tool to learn more about what you can do with a business degree: detailed education career opportunities, salary information, and job openings.

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