Advisory Committee

Advisory committees link us to our surrounding communities and employers, which can be at the national, state, and/or local levels. They serve as content experts and as advocates. They point us and our students to career pathways and the current and future competencies needed to get a job or get a better job. They generously give us their time and help us to find needed resources, such as scholarships and equipment. They help us to establish and monitor the highest standards that keep our degrees, diplomas and certificates relevant in a fast changing world.

Advisory Committees help keep us relevant, connected, and certain on our path towards being the nation’s workforce development leader. We offer these advisory committee best practices in appreciation of our advisory committees and as examples for others to adopt.

Our advisory committee is composed of industry leaders who partner with Central Piedmont Community College and the Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration department to promote curriculum enhancements, to acquire innovative technology and equipment, and to provide advice and counsel on industry trends and standards.  We are grateful to our industry partners for their continued support.