Congratulations Fall 2020 ACA Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our fall 2020 ACA Scholarship winners! Each fall and spring semester, the college's Academic Related Courses (ACA) area selects seven recipients for the ACA Scholarship for awards of $600 each. To apply, students had to write an essay answering the question “Being resilient (the ability to recover quickly from difficult conditions) is a life skill that we often do not recognize. How have you been resilient in your journey as a community college student, and what does this journey look like?" Applicants are reviewed based on meeting the scholarship eligibility requirements and on their essay's quality of writing. The fall 2020 scholarship recipients are Valentina Barria, Brittney Cabrera, Nubia Vanessa Anzola Castellanos, Vanessa Mateo, Skyler McNeely, Jaclyn Truong, and Christina Wallace. Read their winning essays:

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