Central Piedmont Community College Expands Tuition Prepayment Program with the City of Charlotte

Central Piedmont Community College is proud to announce the successful launch of the first full year of the tuition prepayment program in collaboration with the City of Charlotte. This innovative program began in October 2022 and has welcomed back City of Charlotte employee scholars this fall, marking a significant step towards educational empowerment and career advancement for city employees.

As of fall 2023, 219 City of Charlotte employees have applied for the tuition prepayment program, with 121 participating in classes. Programs include a diverse range of course delivery methods, with 108 taking online courses, 11 in person, and 2 in hybrid formats.

The program offers flexibility for the spring 2024 term with 16-week, 12-week, 8-week, and 4-week sessions. Already, 76 City of Charlotte employees are poised to begin classes on January 8th, highlighting the ongoing success and accessibility of the program.

Central Piedmont remains committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience, offering associate degree programs in business administration, civil engineering, and certification and professional development courses like HR Offerings, Grant Writing, and Cyber Security.

Marcia Colson, Associate VP of Applied Programs & Workforce Pathways, celebrates this partnership, stating, "The City of Charlotte is our third largest employer sponsorship. We are swiftly approaching the 200-student mark, a testament to the program's efficacy and the city's dedication to its workforce."

"The personal and professional development of our employees is essential to creating upward mobility within our organization," said Sheila Simpson, City of Charlotte Director of Human Resources. "Our partnership with Central Piedmont removes a financial barrier and provides an opportunity for employees to learn new skills and explore new careers available with the city. I'm happy that our staff are taking advantage of this program as they continue to grow and provide quality service to our community."

City employees hail the program as a gateway to new career opportunities. One student said, "The Tuition Prepayment Program is a great opportunity for people looking to broaden their career horizons." Another adds, "This kind of opportunity is virtually unheard of...I highly recommend taking advantage of this rare opportunity for a free education."

The prepayment program is available for all City of Charlotte employees. Employees interested in the tuition prepayment program must complete an internal application with the City of Charlotte human resources department.

This partnership underscores the shared commitment of the City of Charlotte and Central Piedmont Community College to upskill and reskill employees, preparing them for the dynamic challenges of their current and future roles within the City of Charlotte.