Math Emporium

The Central Piedmont Math Emporium program is both an instructional concept and a physical space.

If you are enrolled in an Emporium-styled class, you learn in a computer lab environment, using a host of self-directed learning resources — including an e-textbook, instructional videos and presentations, guided solution tools, and practice problems. Your course instructor or instructional assistants are present to provide one-on-one support as needed. The Emporium also gives you opportunities for extra math help through supplemental instruction, one-on-one support, and "soft-skills" instruction.

Locations and Availability

The Central Piedmont Math Emporium classroom is not a general use computer lab or student technology center. You can only use the computers in the Math Emporium if you are enrolled in certain math courses.

There is a designated Math Emporium space at all Central Piedmont campuses. The Central Campus Math Emporium space is the largest, with 264 stations divided into multiple zones for classes. Most Emporium spaces also include a small breakout room for more individualized, in-time support lectures.

On Central Campus and Levine Campus, the Math Emporium Information Center is available to direct students and answer the general campus inquiry. The trained Emporium staff is equipped with a wealth of information about math course offerings, as well as college-wide resources.


The Math Emporium is currently closed until further notice.

The Math Emporium and Supplemental Math Lab space are closed whenever classes are not in session and when the college is closed. (Check the college calendar.)


When you get to class, staff will tell you where to sit and how to get started. You will complete your coursework online.

Learning in an Emporium course is an active process. While you complete specific assignments, you also have the option to select among the many learning resources available to help you master the course content. You decide which resources are most helpful for you, how much time to spend using these resources, and when you are ready to demonstrate your understanding. If you are struggling, you should seek help through the many student support services the college offers, including the Mathematics division's S.O.S. Math program, the tutoring center, the library, and TRiO Student Support Services.


  • No food and drinks in Math Emporium spaces. No exceptions.
  • You cell phone should be on silent and put away at all times.
  • Calls or conversations can occur outside the Emporium space.
  • If you need to print coursework or study, use the Supplemental Math lab, find a student technology center/open lab, or use the library.

Why the Central Piedmont Math Emporium Works

In Emporium-styled course sections, you pend your time doing math rather than watching someone else do math. You are able to spend most of your time learning content that you do not understand and little time working on things you have already mastered. You learn to manage your own learning. When you have explored all of the available learning resources and are still struggling to understand, an instructor or assistant will provide help at the exact moment it is needed. The Emporium model serves as a bridge between traditional, instructor-led learning environments and the kind of independent learning that is required in advanced and web-based academic learning environments and in the workplace.