Scholarships and Your Bill

Learn how your scholarship is applied to your bill.

If you have received a scholarship from Central Piedmont, it will be applied to your account. 

To review your how your scholarship reduces your balance due for tuition and fees, please follow these steps.

See if your scholarship is applied to your bill

  • Select Student Finance.

    Dollar sign icon
  • Select the invoice term (for example: Spring 2023).

  • Select the Financial Aid dropdown to view scholarship name and amount.

  • Select the Review Award calculator icon.

    Calculator icon

Next Steps

If the Review Award section shows that you owe a balance for the term, contact the Cashiering Business Office in person at any campus.

If your total financial aid award amount is more than what you owe in tuition and fees, you can use any remaining funds in the Campus Store for course materials and textbooks.

If you have any additional questions about how your scholarship is available to you, please send us an email.