IncludED Textbook Access

The IncludED program makes digital and printed course materials available to all Central Piedmont students enrolled in college credit classes. In this section, learn about:

  • the benefits and savings of getting your textbooks through IncludED Access
  • how to find and access your course materials
  • which types of course materials are included or not included
  • impacts to students who may have used financial aid disbursements to purchase books in the Campus Store
  • what happens if you drop or add a class
  • how to opt out of the IncludED Textbook Access Program

Benefits of the IncludED Textbook Access Program

IncludED Textbook Access ensures that digital and print course materials are available on the first day of class. The $17 fee-per-credit hour is included with tuition and fees as part of your bill when you register. The majority of students will save money with this program, which provides flat rate pricing instead of purchasing individual course materials on your own. This IncludED fee also allows course materials to be part of your upfront costs if you receive financial aid, or to spread out payments if you use the optional Tuition Payment Plan

How students participate in IncludED Access Program

All Central Piedmont students enrolled in a curriculum program (classes for a college degree) are eligible and will be automatically covered in the IncludED program.

Get Started with the IncludED Textbook Access Program

  1. Register for Central Piedmont classes in a college-degree program.
  2. Pay your tuition and fees, now with the IncludED program fee.
  3. Courses will be automatically loaded with digital courseware, and will be available on the first day of your class.
  4. Pick up any non-digital course materials, and purchase any kits or supplies not covered in the IncludED program at the Campus Store.
  5. Have a successful start to your classes with everything you need at the beginning of the semester.

Textbook Help 

If you need assistance with IncludEd Textbook, visit Follet's Customer Service resource

Disability Accommodations for Course Materials

Some students may need course materials in alternative formats. Contact Disability and Access Services if you have questions about alternative formats for materials available through the IncludEd program.

Included Course Materials Policy

Review Student Policy 4.18 Included Course Materials