Accounting with QuickBooks: Bookkeeping Software for Small Businesses

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QuickBooks Offerings

Basic Accounting with QuickBooks 

Build a solid foundation by learning the fundamentals of accounting and how it relates within QuickBooks®. Understand the chart of accounts and what happens when bills, checks and invoices are entered. 

QuickBooks Level 1

Discover how to manage and maintain your business finances by automating your accounting and financial reporting functions. Set your company’s chart of accounts, receive payments, pay bills, create lists, track cash sales, enter bills, create invoices, make deposits, reconcile bank accounts and write checks in order to more easily manage your financial decisions. 

QuickBooks Level 2

Already know the basics? This second level course will help you expand your QuickBooks knowledge. Delve into advanced features such as forms creation, report and graph generation, job costing, inventory, payroll and trouble shooting. 

QuickBooks Certified User: Exam Review and Certification Test

Stand out from the crowd as a QuickBooks® Certified user. This industry recognized credential will elevate your resume and gain instant credibility for your skills as a bookkeeper or office manager. If you're a business owner, sharpen your skills and then do the books yourself to cut half of your accounting costs. 

Job Costing and Estimating with QuickBooks

Accurate job costing is one of the most critical tasks for managing job-based businesses like construction companies, professional services firms and even not-for-profits. Many owners put it off because it seems too complicated or time-consuming. Discover how to use QuickBooks as a powerful job costing tool to help your business grow and prosper.