Makerspace at the Library

The Makerspace offers audio and video recording, 3D printing, large format printing, laser engraving and cutting, sewing and embroidery, vinyl cutting, and an array of arts and craft supplies to help you get started making.

Plan Your Visit

Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to use any of our equipment when the Makerspace is open.

  • Location and Hours

    The Makerspace is located on the Second Floor, Room 2250, of the Hagemeyer Library in the Parr Center.

    Review the Makerspace hours

  • Get Started Designing

    Some equipment requires training before use. Our staff demonstrates and provides access and safety guidance for the various machinery available. We do not have an art or design background or provide design assistance.

    Visit the Makerspace Guide to get started.

  • Policies

    The Makerspace is an open and shared space for individual and group use. Review our Makerspace policies.

  • Class or Group Visits

    Do you have a class or large group that would like to work in the space (rather than just visit briefly)?

    Fill out the Makerspace Class or Group Visits form two weeks in advance.