In order to receive services, documentation must be provided to support that a student has a disability that substantially limits one or more major life activities and impacts their ability to meet the demands of attending CPCC.  The documentation provided must be current, comprehensive, and state how the student’s disability is currently affecting them.

Important information about the disability that should be documented includes: diagnosis, nature of the disability, severity, functional limitations, recommendations for accommodations.

Documentation Format

  • All documentation must be TYPED (NOT handwritten) on letterhead and signed by a medical or mental health professional.
  • Diagnoses written on a prescription pad or half-size letterhead are NOT accepted.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their documentation with them when they apply for services to avoid delays.

Some examples of acceptable documentation are:

  • Psychological and psychoeducational evaluations
  • Neurological Evaluations
  • Letters from professionals/providers working with the student
  • Medical records
  • Vision evaluations
  • Audiograms, audiology reports

Special Note: IEPs, 504 Plans, and Social Security Disability Documentation — although providing valuable information — are not considered sufficient on their own to establish eligibility for Disability Services.

Please review the Disability Services Guidelines and Procedures handout to learn more about submitting documentation to Disability Services.