Accessibility Services and Resources

To request the following services, you will first need to be approved for the accommodation. For information on how to obtain approval, visit the Academic Accommodations page.

Disability and Access Services at Central Piedmont

Select the following headings to learn about the various accessibility services we offer.

  • Assistive Technology

    What is Assistive Technology? 

    An assistive technology device is defined as any item, piece of equipment, software program, or product system (whether acquired commercially off the shelf, modified, or customized) that is used to increase, maintain, or improve the functional capabilities of a person with a disability. It is a resource that allows you to complete tasks independently.

    Request Assistive Technology 

    While we have assistive technology available at the college to use in the classroom, we encourage you to obtain personal assistive technology to use when you are not on campus.

    For more information and to make a request, email the assistive technology specialist the following: 

    • your name
    • Central Piedmont student ID number 
    • Disability and Access Services counselor's name
    • type of assistive technology you need
  • Disability and Access Counseling

    Working with a Disability and Access Services counselor is an important component in your overall success. We can provide you with referrals (within Central Piedmont and in the community), advocate for you, provide academic accommodations, and offer support and other assistance.

  • Interpreting (Sign Language)

    Disability and Access Services has highly skilled interpreters who are the primary communication channel between you, faculty, and staff. Class schedule adjustments may be necessary to provide interpreting services. In addition to classroom accommodations, you may also request assistive listening devices and interpreting services for campus activities and meetings with instructors and advisors.

    Request Interpreting (Sign Language) Services For Classes

    You should be approved for the accommodation. For approval, request academic accommodations or renew previously approved accommodations. For questions regarding class schedules and changes, call Disability and Access Services at 704.330.6621.

    For All Other Central Piedmont Interpreting Services On Campus

    If you are a prospective, current, or returning student in need of an interpreter to participate in a student-related meeting or event (not for classes), email Disability and Access Services at least 48 hours prior to the event to discuss how we can best accommodate you.

  • Disability and Access Services Academic Testing

    Disability and Access Services offers specially coordinated services for accommodations to take tests. Our Testing Center is a distraction-reduced testing room where the proctor may facilitate accommodations by using assistive technology, proctor-assisted intervention, or coordinating accommodations for another proctor to provide.

    Request to Use the Testing Center

    To use the Testing Center, you must:  

    • be approved to use the Testing Center as an accommodation.
    • provide instructor(s) with accommodation letter(s) each semester for each class.
    • meet with the assistive technology specialist before taking your first test in the Testing Center.
    • request a testing appointment with the assistive technology specialist one week in advance of the intended appointment day. Email the assistive technology specialist and include: 
      • your name and student ID number
      • whether you are requesting a virtual or in-person appointment 
      • course title and instructor’s name
      • date and time requested

    Appointments are first come, first served. Virtual appointments may be offered when in-person appointments are not available.

  • Request Books in Alternative Format

    Students with disabilities may have difficulty using certain textbooks. If you have an approved accommodation, you can request alternative formats for textbooks, as follows:

    • Attempt to purchase or rent the textbook in a version accessible for the specific print disability.
    • If there is not a version that suits your needs, purchase the textbook and keep your proof of purchase. 
    • Check your voicemail and student email for updates.
    • Disability and Access Services will provide access to books in alternative format.

    Please keep in mind that the textbook publisher reserves all rights to the textbook and accessible copies are issued at the publisher’s discretion.

  • Study Skills and Support Services

    Are you struggling to manage your time? Do you have difficulty staying organized? Do you have trouble taking effective notes?

    Disability and Access Services helps you develop a plan that addresses your specific challenges and enables you to reach your full potential at Central Piedmont. We provide individualized support in areas such as executive functioning, time management, study skills, organization, and self-advocacy for students who are registered with the Disability and Access Services office. 

    We offer two options on a first-come, first-served basis:

    • weekly individual study sessions (45 minutes)  
    • as-needed sessions by appointment

    For more information, email Lisa Wallace, our learning specialist. 

Assistive Technology Tools to Help Everyone

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