Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment

Take the Northstar digital skills assessment to test your digital skills and master new skills through self-directed online learning and practice. Central Piedmont is an official Northstar testing/proctoring location.

Test Your Digital Skills and Start Training with a Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment Account

The Northstar self-directed digital skills assessment is not a placement test. It is a tool that helps you to understand your technology skill levels better to focus on the areas where you might need technology training. You are not required to take Northstar assessments.

How to Use the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment Tool

  • Set up your Northstar Assessment account.

    Set up your Northstar Assessement account to save and get 24/7 access to all of your Northstar activities, certificates, and scores to share with your faculty, advisors, and employers. You can earn digital badges and certificates as you take assessments and practice.

    Sign up for a learner account in Central Piedmont’s Northstar Assessment tool.

    – If you already have a Northstar learner account, Log in now.

  • Check your Central Piedmont email.

    Review the instructions in the email from Northstar and accept the account request.

  • Review the Northstar how-to videos.

    Reference the Northstar Beginner Video Tutorials in the following section.

  • Take the Basic Computer Skills Assessment.

    Log in to the Northstar digital skills assessment tool. 

    – Start with the Basic Computer Skills assessment in the Essential Computer Skills section. This assessment takes about 20 minutes. 

    –You will then receive a transcript detailing your knowledge. You have the option to take additional skills assessments.

  • Access your transcripts and accomplishments.

    You must log in to your Northstar digital skills assessment account to get a transcript of your accomplishments and save your certificates and scores.


Contact the Digital Literacy Learning Space if you need assistance with your Northstar assessment.