Accommodation Requests for Persons with Disabilities Procedures

I. Policy Statement

Central Piedmont Community College will provide reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals to participate in an academic activity safely and effectively as required by the regulations of Section 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

II. Procedures

Individuals seeking reasonable accommodation should adhere to these provisions:

  1. Students requesting an accommodation must register with the Office of Disability Services. Students will receive a response to the request within 10 business days following submission of official documentation, consistent with their disability.
  2. A disability counselor will meet with the student to complete appropriate forms, discuss accommodation and auxiliary aid requests, and determine appropriate accommodations and aids for all enrolled classes. Accommodations and auxiliary aids that will be discussed include:
    1. Accessible parking: The location of handicapped parking of all campus locations and properties under the control of the College.
    2. Alternate texts formats: Assistance in identifying and obtaining academic materials in an accessible format.
    3. Absence from class and reasonable attendance adjustments: Work with an instructor to determine comparable alternate work, remote attendance, and the make-up of missed assignments.
    4. Note-taking: Assist students with alternative forms of note-taking.
    5. Personal-Care Attendants (PCA) or devices: Discuss with student appropriate participation by Personal-Care Attendants.
    6. Service Animals: Explore opportunities for assistance by Service Animals under ADA. Note: “Emotional Support” animals are not covered under ADA.
    7. Testing accommodations: Explore opportunities to work with faculty and administrators for extended testing time, test formats, etc.

III. Concerns and Grievances

Individuals who believe they are not being offered reasonable accommodations are encouraged to discuss their concerns with the Office of Disability Services. If an individual is not satisfied, they have a right to file a grievance with the Executive Director of Institutional Equity (Executive Director). If the individual is not satisfied with the Executive Director’s response, they have the option to pursue their grievance under the Grievance Process and Procedure for Students.

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