Mail Service Guidelines


A. Incoming Mail

Incoming mail is distributed to employees through delivery to department offices or other work centers according to the following guidelines:

  1. Mail which is authorized before the fact is distributed routinely. Such mail includes:

    1. All stamped and addressed mail.
    2. All individually addressed but not stamped mail.
    3. All non-addressed official communications.
  2. Non-addressed materials, such as community service solicitations and public service announcements, require authorization before distribution. When authorization is required, it can be obtained from the following individuals:
    1. Department administrators, if the mail is totally within their responsibility.
    2. Group administrators or unit vice presidents, if the mail is totally within their responsibility.
  3. Non-addressed, non-authorized materials will not be distributed.

B. Outgoing Mail

  1. Outgoing and intra-College mail will be picked-up at department offices and other work centers, processed, and distributed. Specific instructions for the use of bulk mail, express mail, parcel service, and other special mail services are found in the College Services Manual.
  2. Outgoing personal mail will be processed if it is already postage paid and sealed.
  3. Employees shall not use College stationery for personal mail. Personal mail will not be processed through the College postage meter or otherwise stamped by the College.