Included Course Materials Procedure

Included course materials is a program for curriculum courses that provides digital textbooks, courseware, or other printed materials as an additional course charge. Students must purchase toolkits and other supplies required for certain courses, which are not included in the included course materials program.

Benefits of Included Course Materials

  • supports student success by ensuring students are prepared for the first day of class with all or most required materials
  • easy and convenient for students to use
  • provides an affordable option by offering prices below market value
  • digital materials are accessible through the internet and can be utilized on most major consumer devices
  • Financial Aid can be used to cover the cost of included course materials

Accessing Included Course Materials

Once the course is opened by the instructor, students will be able to access included course materials through the college’s Learning Management System. First-time users may need to create an account with the publisher providing the course material. For courses in which digital materials are not available, printed materials may be included in the program and available for pick-up at the college’s bookstore.

Opting Out of Included Course Materials

Students may be able to opt out of included course materials. Students who opt out should obtain alternative access to the course materials and are still responsible for completing all work assigned by an instructor. Opting out of the program is not allowed when the included materials are not available elsewhere or accessible from sources other than those provided or authorized by the institution. When opting out of included materials, all courses will be opted out and will result in the loss of all included course materials for the session.

A credit to student accounts will be processed for opt out requests received by the 10% point of the session. If students accidentally opt out and still need access, the student can opt back in — options to opt in and opt out are available up until the 10% point of the session. After the 10% point of the session, students can no longer opt out and a credit will not be issued.

To opt out, students should follow the instructions in the opt out email received on/around the first day of the session.

Physical copies of textbooks may be available, depending on the course. Visit the campus bookstore or the Central Piedmont Campus Store online for more information.

Included Course Material Cost

When students register for curriculum courses, Central Piedmont automatically adds the cost of the included materials as a charge on student accounts. The charge for the 2023-2024 academic year is $17 per credit hour. Fees are subject to change.

For program inquiries and opt out questions, email the Central Piedmont Bookstore or call 704-330-6649. For technical issues, email the Service Desk or call 704-330-5000.