1.35 Secondary Employment Policy

I. Purpose

Central Piedmont Community College intends to comply with state regulations as they pertain to secondary employment.

II. Rule

In order to ensure compliance with State Board of Community Colleges Code 1C SBCCC 200.94, employees must have approval from the unit vice president before engaging in any secondary employment. Secondary employment of the unit vice presidents must have the approval of the president. Secondary employment of the president must have the approval of the Board of Trustees.

III. Definition

Secondary employment refers to any external employment that is in addition to a full-time employee's primary position. Secondary employment includes work done for pay for the benefit of agents or agencies, private business, or in the conduct of a profession. If an employee is to engage in secondary employment, such employment must not have an adverse impact on the primary employment or create a conflict of interest as determined by the College.

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Changes approved by the Board of Trustees on May 6, 2020

Updated on July 13, 2005