1.22 Necessity Leave Policy

I. Policy

A full-time employee will be granted 16 hours of necessity leave each fiscal year. This leave may be used by the College to cover time off during winter break. When this leave is not used by the College for winter break, the leave may be used to cover an emergency not covered by other leave provisions, for other important personal and family needs, or for community service obligations.

II. Guidelines

A. Limitations on Applicability

Necessity leave cannot be used in lieu of another type of leave that is applicable to the situation, and it cannot be used to extend or add to sick leave, bereavement leave, or any other type of leave.

B. Family Needs

"Family" means the immediate family, as defined in Policy 1.18 Sick Leave.

C. Community Service Obligations

"Community service obligations" refers to honoring a commitment to participate in a civic club, community organization, or community-based educational group as a committee member, officer, or volunteer. Participation in political or religious activities is excluded.

D. Winter Break

Non-instructional employees will be required to use vacation, compensatory leave, bonus leave, or necessity leave for the portion of winter break that is not designated as holiday leave.

E. Approval

Necessity leave can be authorized by the immediate administrator. When possible, a request for such leave must be submitted with enough advance notice to give the immediate administrator time to review the request and make arrangements to cover the employee's absence. In the event of a sudden emergency, the employee must notify the immediate administrator (or the Human Resources Department) by telephone as quickly as possible. A written request must then be filed immediately upon the employee's return to work.

F. Documentation

All requests for leave must be in written form (submitted to the immediate administrator) and must clearly state the reason for the leave. All documentation will be filed by the immediate administrator with the Human Resources Department for approval.

G. Leave Accounting

Necessity leave is a benefit for which any full-time employee is eligible; it is not earned, and it cannot be accrued or banked. Leaves will be recorded through the leave accounting process. Obvious abuse of the privilege by an employee will cause denial of further necessity leave for that employee.

H. Accrual

Necessity leave of 16 hours annually will be awarded July 1 for full-time employees. It cannot be accrued or banked and will be zeroed out each June 30. New employees will be awarded necessity leave of 16 hours immediately upon employment.


Changes approved by the Board of Trustees on March 10, 1982; May 5, 2004 (effective on July 1, 2004); May 6, 2020