1.18 Sick Leave Policy

I. Policy

All full-time employees will earn and accumulate sick leave at the rate of 8 hours per month (96 hours per year for a full year worked).

II. Regulations

A. Sick leave may be used for

  1. Illness or injury not covered by Workers' Compensation, which prevents an employee from performing usual duties.
  2. Medical appointments.
  3. Quarantine as duly placed by proper authorities.
  4. Actual period of temporary disability caused by or attributed to pregnancy or childbirth in the same manner as for other temporary disabilities.
  5. Illness or injury of a member of the employee's immediate family. Immediate family means a spouse, parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, or grandchild. The term also includes the step, half, and in-law relationships.

B. Accumulated sick leave does not entitle the employee to vacation leave, terminal leave, terminal pay, or any other terminal benefits, except as applicable under the state law for calculation of retirement benefits.

C. The institution may require evidence of disability or illness for any sick leave taken.

D. Full-time Central Piedmont personnel who were previously employed by another North Carolina agency covered under the provisions of North Carolina General Statute 135 may transfer to Central Piedmont any unused sick leave earned at the other agency. Employees terminating employment at Central Piedmont may transfer unused sick leave to the new employing agency in accordance with the agency's policies and procedures.

E. Sick leave accrues at the end of the month and is not available for use until the following month or later. Normally sick leave is not advanced; however, under extraordinary circumstances, a unit vice president may advance a full-time employee sick leave, not to exceed 96 hours. The advance of sick leave will be repaid with sick leave earned by the employee upon his/her return. Once an employee has been granted the maximum sick leave advance, he/she may receive an additional advance of only those hours that have been repaid. When a full-time employee has exhausted all accrued or advanced sick leave, he/she may be granted a leave of absence without pay. Sick leave will not be advanced when salary continuation or disability pay are available. Reimbursement to the College for any advance of sick leave not repaid shall be deducted, upon termination, from the employee's final paycheck.

F. An employee earns sick leave and vacation leave while absent during a paid vacation leave, during an education leave with pay, and while absent on accrued (paid) sick leave. An employee does not earn sick leave or vacation leave during any unpaid leave or while receiving salary continuation or disability pay after accrued sick leave is exhausted.

G. Employees and their supervisors are responsible for the accurate reporting of all sick leave taken in one-hour increments. A faculty member should report his/her sick leave in proportionate time, based on his/her schedule on the day(s) of absence.

H. Full-time instructors employed on 9- to 12-month contracts will earn and accumulate sick leave at the rate of 96 hours per contract for a full contract year worked. Sick leave is not accrued by personnel while they are between academic contract periods.

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Changes approved by the Board of Trustees on June 16, 1967; August 6, 1968; October 30, 1968; June 8, 1971; December 18, 1974; May 6, 2020

Changes approved by Cabinet on November 11, 2005; February 10, 2006; January 7, 2008