1.05 Employment Requirements Policy

I. Regulations

Minimum requirements for employment in any position shall be those specified for the position in the specifications contained in the official job description on file in the Human Resources Department, in the Standards of the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, and other applicable accrediting bodies and in the following guidelines.

II. Employee Credentials

A. All employees must meet the minimum qualifications in the official job description on file in the Human Resources Department for their assignments at the time of their hire.

B. In exceptional cases unique experience and/or special competence may substitute for the specified level of academic preparation. All experience, certification, and other qualifications must be documented in the employee’s file.

C. Instructors must be appropriately credentialed to teach every course to which they are assigned, in accordance with the Credentialing Procedure.

Related Procedures

Credentialing Procedures


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