1.00 The Equal Opportunity Program - Policies and Procedures

I. Policy

Central Piedmont Community College is committed to equal opportunity and non-discrimination in personnel policies and intends that employees of the College and citizens of its service area shall be made aware of this commitment. All matters related to selection, compensation, benefits, promotion, social and recreational programs, and all treatment on the job will be free of discrimination based on any protected classification, including race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, veteran status, disability, age, genetic information, political affiliation, natural hairstyles, or any other legally protected classification.

II. Rule

The College seeks to ensure that employment and assignment of all College personnel shall be solely on the basis of qualifications without regard to protected class status (State Board of Community Colleges Code 1C SBCCC 200.96) and to seek to employ women and minorities in administrative positions (State Board of Community Colleges Code 1C SBCCC 200.97).

III. Purpose

The purposes of the Equal Opportunity Program, hereafter referred to as the Program, are to promote and ensure equal opportunity for all persons, whether employed or seeking employment, without regard to protected classification, and to actively seek qualified applicants from traditionally under-represented groups.

Through active recruitment of qualified applicants from traditionally under-represented groups, and through strict non-discrimination in the selection and utilization of personnel, the College seeks to develop a diverse faculty and staff who are well qualified to perform the various tasks required.

A. Objectives

  1. To affirm the College's commitment to the principles of equal employment and educational opportunities.
  2. To inform all citizens of the service area that the Board of Trustees, administration, and all employees of the College practice the precepts of fair and equal treatment in the execution of recruitment, employment, and personnel utilization procedures.
  3. To ensure utilization of minority and women workers at the College through active measures to recruit talented applicants from these groups.
  4. To comply with all applicable federal and state orders, regulations, and laws in the areas of civil rights, equal employment opportunity, and contract compliance.
  5. To ensure non-discriminatory practices in all matters pertaining to employee compensation and benefits.
  6. To conduct monitoring procedures for ensuring that the selection, promotion, development, evaluation, discipline, and termination of employees are in compliance with governmental and institutional regulations and policies pertaining to equal employment opportunity.
  7. To ensure that all College facilities, organizations, and activities are open for utilization and participation by employees and students, as appropriate, without regard to protected class status, except in instances when those facilities are normally used by a single sex.

B. Responsibility

1. President

The President of Central Piedmont Community College is responsible to its Board of Trustees for the overall development and direction of the College's Equal Opportunity Program. The President will determine that the Program is adhered to by all administrators and supervisory personnel of Central Piedmont Community College and is reflected in all College publications. The President may establish any regulations and procedures necessary to carry out this policy.

2. Administrators

All administrators are responsible for adherence to the policies, practices, and spirit of the Program in recruiting, selecting, training, utilizing, and promoting personnel.

3. Specific Administrators

Executive Director of Institutional Equity

The Executive Director of Institutional Equity will monitor adherence to the Program and his/her primary responsibilities are to:

  1. Keep all levels of management informed of the latest developments in equal employment and opportunity.
  2. Review alleged discrimination complaints and recommend action to the President (Refer to Policy 1.37 Discrimination and Harassment).
  3. Review alleged complaints of improper sexual and romantic relationships and recommend action to the President (Refer to Policy 1.38 Improper Sexual or Romantic Relationships).
  4. Serve as the College's liaison with external equal opportunity agencies (U.S. Commission on Civil Rights and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).
  5. Review, evaluate, develop, and recommend policies and procedures required for compliance with applicable laws and guidelines.
  6. Conduct a semi-annual review of hiring patterns.
  7. Prepare, as required, all appropriate reports of Equal Opportunity.
  8. Coordinate the College's Americans with Disabilities Act compliance (Refer to Policy 1.26 ADA Accommodation Request for Persons with Disabilities).
  9. Coordinate the College's Policy 1.42 Employee Mediation Program.
  10. Coordinate the College's Policy 1.41 Sexual Misconduct (Employees) and Policy 4.16 Sexual Misconduct (Students).
Chief Human Resource Officer

The Chief Human Resource Officer will provide the mechanisms to operate the Program and his/her responsibilities in this regard are to:

  1. Operate a central Human Resources Department through which all information is processed in the hiring procedure.
  2. Assist College administrators in the preparation of job class specifications.
  3. Review, with the immediate administrator, job applications and/or submitted application materials in accordance with the College's hiring process and the College's Equal Opportunity Program.
  4. Place all College announcements and advertisements for recruiting activities in the media; all notifications and publications for the general public will identify Central Piedmont Community College as an Equal Employment institution.
  5. Maintain a file of all recruitment notices, announcements, and advertisements, indicating the sources utilized and the pertinent responses.
  6. Identify problem areas.
  7. Provide advice and assistance to administration, faculty, and staff on matters pertaining to implementation of the Program.Vice President for Administrative Services
Vice President for Administrative Services

The Vice President for Administrative Services is responsible for ensuring that contracts and bids for commodities, services, and construction prepared for or by the College contain equal employment opportunity clauses or statements implementing federal laws and regulations. The Vice President for Administrative Services takes appropriate actions to inform minority and women business owners about the College policies and procedures for purchasing goods and services. (Refer to the Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Utilization Policy).

IV. Administrative Procedures

A. Job Posting, Recruitment, Selection, and Employment of Personnel will be in Accordance With

  1. Policy 1.03 Hiring and Selection
  2. Policy 1.04 Employment of Part-Time Personnel

B. Facilities

All work areas, rest and recreational areas, and other facilities of the College are maintained for use without regard to race, color, religion, age, national origin, political affiliation, genetic information, disability, gender (except in the latter instance, those facilities normally used by a single sex), or any other legally protected classification.

C. Monitoring

In order to evaluate results and to plan for the future, the College maintains a monitoring and reporting system for the purpose of evaluating the Program. Regular bi-annual reports are made to the College Board of Trustees and to the College Cabinet. Reports required by external agencies will be filed as required by law or regulations.

D. Internal Dissemination

Each employee will be made aware of the Program in the following manner:

  1. The Program will be explained to all new employees during their orientation periods at the beginning of employment.
  2. Training related to the Program will be offered for professional development credits through the Center for Leadership and Staff Development.
  3. The Program will be circulated widely so that all employees in the organization will be aware of it.
  4. The Program will be included in Policies and Procedures.
  5. Meetings will be held with supervisory administrative employees to inform them about the Program.
  6. Women and minorities will be included in Central Piedmont college catalog and other publications.
  7. Notices about the Program will be posted on official bulletin boards on campus.

E. External Dissemination

Central Piedmont Community College's major recruiting sources will be informed verbally and/or in writing of the Program and are asked to refer qualified minorities and women for all vacancies listed at Central Piedmont Community College.


Changes approved by the Board of Trustees on March 4, 2015; May 6, 2020; November 10, 2021

Changes approved by Cabinet on June 16, 1997; September 14, 2001; January 5, 2005; June 5, 2006; November 2009; August 30, 2010

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