Facilities Services

Facilities Management and Operations 

Central Piedmont Facilities Management and Operations supports the college's core business as well as its mission to provide engaging and supportive environments that are conducive to student learning. The overriding values of our facilities operations run parallel with the college's values that spotlight the importance of collaboration, excellence, and accountability.

The college’s asset portfolio includes 56 buildings totaling approximately 4-million SF situated on 256 acres and across six campuses and one center located throughout Mecklenburg County, NC. Our philosophy and approach to facilities management at Central Piedmont is based on a robust Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) model which focuses heavily on preventive maintenance, inspections, active analytics, key performance indicators, and customer service at its core.

Facilities Services strives to implement the latest technology, best practices, and methods in the industry while exercising creative and innovative technical approaches to meet the unique needs of Central Piedmont.

Facilities Management Partner: Our Outsourced Approach to Maintenance Service Delivery

Central Piedmont has implemented an outsourced service delivery model to address anticipated future growth and to improve upon the day-to-day facilities maintenance services to Central Piedmont. This outsourced service delivery model was achieved through a Comprehensive Facilities Maintenance Contract (CFMC). Our outsourced approach has been very successful for the college and has served as a major component in our ability to keep pace with the facilities needs and growth of our institution.

ABM Services is Central Piedmont’s current CFMC partner that provides the day-to-day facilities maintenance services and support to the college. ABM uses a streamlined RCM program that incorporates an optimal mix of preventive maintenance, predictive testing, scheduled inspections, and reactive support to maximize the reliability and performance of the college’s buildings, equipment, and systems.

ABM’s day-to-day operations and maintenance support to the college includes:

  • building operations, repairs, and maintenance
  • housekeeping/custodial services
  • grounds care
  • emergency response
  • pest control
  • customer support services

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services Partner

Central Piedmont is proud to be a co-permittee with Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services which ensures clean water and land throughout Mecklenburg County and beyond. To obtain information regarding activities undertaken to protect and restore water quality in our storm sewer systems, creeks and lakes, including volunteer opportunities — please visit Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

    Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) Program

    The HUB program is designed to encourage opportunities for Historically Underutilized Businesses to create diversity and inclusion in state contracts to ultimately promote growth and profitability for the HUB companies.

    HUB Program

    Central Piedmont’s goal is to achieve a minimum of 10 percent spending with historically underutilized businesses (HUB). If you are a minority business owner but you are not recognized as a North Carolina HUB-certified business, Central Piedmont encourages you to become to a NC HUB Certified Business.

    Become a Certified North Carolina Historically Underutilized Business

    Facilities Design and Construction

    The Central Piedmont Planning, Design, and Construction team is dedicated to building and keeping each facility in top modern condition to provide our students and staff with high-quality working and learning environments that will aid in their quests for success.

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