Honeywell Stem Academy Program

The Honeywell STEM Scholars Academy will boost diversity among students enrolled in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programs at Central Piedmont who are pursuing a certification, degree, and careers in a high-demand STEM-related field. Targeted Pathways: Engineering Technologies, Information Technologies, or Health Sciences The college plans to involve 100 students in the academy, beginning in fall 2023, and seeks to engage 125 additional students each year, over the next four years.


  • eligibility for scholarships to cover your tuition, books,and fees
  • (The scholarship only covers in-state tuition rates, so if you are out-of-state and receive the scholarship, you would still need to pay the remaining tuition cost after the scholarship is applied.)
  • Coaching and advising support
  • Improving academic readiness for STEM courses
  • Increasing awareness of STEM career opportunities 
  • Educational enrichment opportunities

STEM Academy Eligibility

  • Current (preferably first-year) Central Piedmont Student or graduating High School senior
  • Pursuing a credential, certificate or degree in 
    • Engineering Technologies
    • Information Technologies
    • Health Sciences 
  • 2.6 or higher GPA 

Honeywell gives to Central Piedmont

Honeywell’s STEM Academy intends to increase the diversity of students studying in STEM programs at Central Piedmont, while simultaneously increasing the total number of students seeking degrees or industry-recognized certifications that will lead to high-demand careers in the STEM fields.

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