Student Web Access via E-Locker

Web space is provided via E-Locker for students to complete college web-based projects. By using this service, you must read and agree to the College Acceptable Use Guidelines.

In order to use your web space, you must already have a valid Central Piedmont login. The following instructions will help you configure your E-Locker space:

  1. Connect to your E-Lockervia WebDAV or on campus or using the SFTP/SCP secure FTP service.
  2. Create a folder called 'www'.
  3. Put any content you wish to be available via the web in the 'www' folder.

To access your web content via a browser, the URL will be<username&gt; (i.e.

If you are taking PHP/MySQL courses, you can also have your database space created by going to PHPMyAdminSetup and logging in with your CPCC Login. Once the database has been created, the PHPMyAdmin application can be used to work with your database.

ELocker Secure File Transfer Program/Secure Copy Program Client Software Download Area

IMPORTANT: Before you can login to this service, an initial one-time account must be created. Please authenticate with CAS and auto-generate your SFTP/SCP account. You only need to do this once.

This page provides information and links to client software you can use to access your ELocker directory via secure SFTP/SCP protocols that are commonly used in business and industry. Please note that the first time you connect to the server, it will ask you to verify its RSA key. As long as it is the same as the follwoing, you can be confident that you are connecting to the right server.

  • ssh-rsa 2048 fd:22:0c:e1:1c:68:2f:e3:88:e3:ba:71:23:d1:8d:b9

When configuring client software, you may be asked to enter the following information:

  • Server/Host Name:
  • Port : 22
  • Protocol : SFTP (preferred) or SCP.

While most SFTP/SCP client software should work without any problems, the following have been tested:

  • Windows XP/Vista: WinSCP
  • MacOS X (10.x):
    • MacOS X comes with native command line tools for SFTP/SCP
    • Fetch Softworks provides a nice GUI environment and also provides a free academic license
  • Unix/Linux
    • most Unix/Linux distributions come with OpenSSH command line tools for SFTP and SCP
    • GUI tools like Filezilla (which has SFTP support) will work also

Map eLocker as a Network Drive

1. Open Computer by click the Start button, and then clicking Computer.

Mapping eLocker as a Network Drive - Step 1

2. Right-click anywhere in the folder, and then click Add a network location.

Mapping eLocker as a Network Drive - Step 2

3. The Add Network Wizard window will appear, click on Next.

Mapping eLocker as a Network Drive - Step 3

4. Select Choose a custom network location.

Mapping eLocker as a Network Drive - Step 4

5. In the Internet or network address box enter the following address (make sure to replace username0 with your own):

Mapping eLocker as a Network Drive - Step 5

6. Type a name for the folder. This can be the drive location (default) or you can name it to something more easily recognizable.

Mapping eLocker as a Network Drive - Step 6

7. You will receive a notification that the network location was added successfully.

Mapping eLocker as a Network Drive - Step 7

8. Your new mapped drive will now display under Network Locations.

Mapping eLocker as a Network Drive - Step 8