Elementary Education Residency Licensure Certificate Program

Starting in the fall of 2023, Central Piedmont will begin an elementary education residency program that will support newly hired teachers in need of licensure through their beginning teaching years all the way through to licensure.

The state of North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) developed the Cultivating Carolina Classrooms program to provide a streamlined opportunity in the community college that simplifies, aligns, and accelerates the pathway to elementary education licensure for people who have completed a bachelor’s degree and have obtained a position in a school system that requires a teaching license. 

Central Piedmont is now an Educator Preparation Program (EPP school) that offers the following:

  • supportive coursework
  • one-on-one coaching with trained professionals
  • in-person observations
  • support in and out of the classroom through the first three years of teaching

Central Piedmont offers six courses to be taken over two years, focused on the pedagogy of teaching as well as preparation for licensure and certification. The program will meet the individual needs of each student while working in cohorts with other teachers in the same residency program. 

Students are mentored and supported by experienced faculty who are licensed teachers and have years of experience teaching in the elementary school environment.

Overall, the program is designed to take one to two courses per semester at a total estimated cost of $2,500. Students who enroll at Central Piedmont are eligible for institutional scholarships and financial assistance in order to help with the costs of the program. Most of the courses utilize open educational resources with little to no costs for textbooks. Teachers seeking licensure can complete Central Piedmont’s residency program and graduate with a certificate and teaching license in less than three years. 

Elementary Education Residency Licensure (Certificate) C55490

  • EDU 270 Effective Instructional Environments 2 SHC
  • EDU 272 Technology, Data, and Assessment 3 SHC
  • EDU 277 Int. Curr. & Instr. Strat.: Math 3 SHC
  • EDU 278 Int. Curr. & Instr. Strat.: Soc. Stu./ELA 3 SHC
  • EDU 279 Literacy Development and Instruction 4 SHC
  • EDU 283 Educator Preparation Practicum 3 SHC

Who is eligible for this program?

Those eligible for the program are people with a Bachelor’s degree who are employed at an elementary school or have a job proposal. 

Where will classes take place? 

Classes will be held on Central Campus, one night per week and online.

What does this program offer?

Some of the program's benefits are smaller class sizes, one-on-one mentoring and coaching, as well as support throughout the first three years of residency. 

Why choose Central Piedmont for Residency?

We offer experienced instructors who are content experts in residency, licensure, and certification.

How to Apply?

Go to CFNC and apply to the “Alternative NC Teaching Licensure: NCCCS Cultivating Carolina Classrooms" and look for Central Piedmont Community College.

Need to file a complaint?

Download the Education Preparation Provider Complainant Process Form (PDF).