Accelerated Career Training

Live in the Charlotte region? Unemployed, underemployed, or limited to low-wage jobs? Step up from a job to a career.

Accelerated Career Training

  • Focused
    We offer options that will give you the skills you need for a specific job.
  • Fast
    Complete your program in 9–16 weeks and start your new career.
  • Free
    These free job training programs cover all required costs including tuition, books, fees, and services.

The Accelerated Career Training candidate 

  • lives in the Charlotte area
  • seeks to improve their economic status
  • unemployed or underemployed
  • is a self-starter and highly motivated
  • seeks guidance to explore career path options with a career coach
  • actively seeks employment and/or career growth
  • is able to adapt and commit to scheduled classes

What you can expect

Attain meaningful employment through fast job training in high-growth career paths.
Accelerated Career Training, provides you with the following: 

  • access to a personalized Career Success Coach who will help you decide on your career path
  • personalized help during your program to support your day-to-day life challenges

Background checks and drug screening are not required for participation in Accelerated Career Training programs, but may be required for future employment.


By participating in an Accelerated Career Training program you are also required to attend Working Smart: Soft Skills for Workplace Success classes. The Working Smart course supports the Accelerated Career Training program course by going beyond technical skills, helping you master the soft skills that employers believe are critical to increasing your chances for employment, job success, and promotion. Working Smart is recognized and valued by Mecklenburg County employers.

If you have previously completed the Working Smart course and have a certificate, you will not need to complete the course again. Please provide us with a copy of your Working Smart Certificate to fulfill this requirement.

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