Organizational Effectiveness

Training and development initiatives are usually driven by each organization’s strategic direction. When the direction involves significant change or innovation, or a need for management succession planning, it is critical to integrate training within the context of organizational effectiveness programs. The Corporate Learning Center offers customized programs in change management, management succession planning and team building.

Leading Organizational Change
Expect high-impact results with the Corporate Learning Center’s Leading Organizational Change Model. It focuses on four components:

  • the affirmation of the best of the past
  • transformational leadership as a critical component
  • development of champions of the change throughout the company (these are the individuals who understand what the drivers of the desired change are and what the restraining forces are – and how to manage them)
  • feedback mechanisms on progress (measurement and communication)

Succession Management Planning
If your company is preparing for a globally competitive marketplace or retirements from an aging workforce, succession management planning is critical. The Corporate Learning Center has a six-step Succession Management Planning Model that you can customize to your needs. Deliverables of the model include:

  • Success Profiles
  • Talent Pool Identification
  • Individual Assessments
  • Development Plans

From these outputs, we can help you deliver training specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Team Building for Results
Performance results distinguish an effective team — one that research shows increase productivity, enhance quality, and increase customer satisfaction. The Corporate Learning Center has developed a Team Building for Results Model with six critical success factors:

  • A clear performance challenge
  • A results-driven structure
  • Open communications and trust
  • Customer driven standards of excellence
  • Effective use of differences
  • External relations

Let us help you build high-performing teams in your organization, based on your goals and needs. Email or call us at 704.330.4660.