Interpersonal Violence Support Group

If you are a female-identifying Central Piedmont student who has experienced interpersonal violence, join Counseling Services for a safe space to connect with other survivors and share your story.

Before attending, please submit the interest form. Email Brittany Lutton with any questions or concerns.

While this group is offered to address specific needs of female-identifying students, others are also impacted by interpersonal violence. Counseling Services is here to support all students. Male-identifying and non-binary students are strongly encouraged to contact Counseling Services to speak with a counselor regarding interpersonal violence or any other concern affecting their emotional well-being and mental health.

You Are Not Alone

Interpersonal Violence is defined as the intentional use of physical force or power against other persons by an individual or small group of individuals. Interpersonal violence may be physical, sexual, or psychological.

Survivor's Meet & Greet 
March 30, 2023, Central Campus 
If you're interested in this event, more details can be found here

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