Graduation Application Deadline

The deadline to apply for graduation and be found eligible for your name to appear in the Spring 2024 commencement program is March 12, 2024, by 11:59 p.m. You can still apply to graduate and participate in the commencement ceremony after this deadline passes, but your name will not appear in the printed program after this date.

In order to participate in the graduation ceremony, you must submit your graduation application by April 11, 2024. This guarantees processing time to get your information added to the Marching Order website so you can register for the ceremony by April 13, 2024.

Central Piedmont has two graduation ceremonies per year, in May and in December. If you are eligible to graduate in the spring, you will participate in the May ceremony, and if you're eligible to graduate in the summer or fall then you will participate in the December ceremony. Be sure to check in with your advisor before applying to graduate. Verify how to apply to graduate based on your program: