Financial Aid Refunds Disbursed (BankMobile Disbursements)

Your financial aid refund is how much of your aid you will receive after your tuition, fees, and books for the current academic year are deducted. The actual date that you actually receive your refund is based on the refund preference you selected.

Every for-college-credit course has a 10% point (census date). Refunds are processed throughout the semester based on each course's census date. Review census date information (PDF) or find it on your course syllabus. Financial aid will not be credited to your student account before the census date of each for-college-credit course.

For more information on refunds, including when and how you will get you refund, visit the financial aid awards and refunds page.

Summer 2024 Financial Aid Reimbursement Dates

  • June 5
  • July 10