Learn More About How to Go Abroad in Costa Rica in 2022

Location: Zoom

Learn how you can study abroad to Costa Rica with Central Piedmont and become a steward of conservation for Costa Rican primates and felines by participating in hands-on research of these species.

In this session, we will talk about when you would go abroad, the program costs (what is and isn't included in the cost), and the associated courses that you must register for to be able to participate for this opportunity.

Walk in the rainforest to track monkeys and collect data on their behaviors, numbers, age, social dynamics, and location. Work with Panthera Costa Rica to set up camera traps to try and photograph felines and their prey to aid in the conservation of wild cats. Field research and academic mini-courses on feline and primate biology, ecology of coastal ecosystems and rainforests, and biodiversity will all be delivered in order to develop environmentally literate participants. You will also enjoy snorkeling on a well-preserved reef and contribute to a worldwide citizen science project by surveying reef fish. Finally, immerse yourself in Tico culture by meeting locals while enjoying local customs and food.