Central Piedmont Cookie Policy

Types of Cookies

A cookie is a small text file, typically generated by a website and saved in your web browser. Its purpose is to store information that can be used by the website on subsequent visits. The college uses cookies in various ways, as described in the following categories, that may persist in your browser until expiration or until they are deleted. If you would like to opt-out, you can manage or delete cookies by adjusting your device settings. 

  • Functional Cookies

    Functional cookies allow a website to store information that has already been provided (such as user names, login, language choice or location) and to offer the user improved, more personal functions.

    When you login to college web applications, your session will be stored in a cookie to allow us to authenticate you to other college web applications.

    Some applications may store a cookie when you save preferences or favorites to remember them when you return.

  • Analytics Cookies

    These cookies allow us to establish how many visitors interact with our website by collecting information anonymously, e.g. based on which preferences or search terms were used to access the website.

    College websites use Google Analytics to report on visitors, page views, and other metrics designed to help us improve our sites.

    Web applications that require authentication may use an alternative analytics platform called Matomo, which is also used to report on various anonymous metrics including page views, most visited pages, etc. 

  • Marketing Cookies

    Marketing cookies are used in order to provide relevant content to the user, tailored to their interests, in a targeted manner. They are also used to measure and monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They register whether or not one has visited a website, as well as which content was used.

    This information may be shared with third parties, such as advertisers. These cookies are often linked with third-party site functionalities.

    We use Google AdWords cookies to display college-related ads on websites that participate in the Google Display Network.

    This does not in any way identify you personally or give access to your computer or network device. 

  • Opt Out

    Modern browsers allow you to configure privacy preferences, including how and when to save cookies. It’s probably a good idea to become familiar with all the privacy features available in your preferred browser.

    The following links explain how you can manage (or block) cookies from Central Piedmont and/or other websites you may visit online.