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Apprenticeship Charlotte

Apprenticeship Charlotte is one way Central Piedmont connects talented students to employers. Apprenticeships are long-term (12—48 month) positions that combine coursework with paid, on-the-job training at one particular company. Apprenticeship Charlotte gives companies a talent pipeline strategy of growing your own. Our staff and faculty create the right blend of class and on-the-job training for your company's needs.

Learn More about Apprenticeships

  • Apprenticeship Charlotte Information for Students

    Learn more about whether Apprenticeship Charlotte is the right fit for you. We partner with companies in the Charlotte area to create and support apprenticeship programs to help develop the skilled workforce needed today and in the future. We’ll learn about your interests and strengths, then connect you to a company when it has a need for someone with your talents and potential. If you're serious about jump-starting your career, becoming an apprentice through Central Piedmont can reward you in many ways. Other than the obvious value of work experience, you may work your way into a permanent position. You'll also be earning wages, and in some cases get tuition and fees covered. 

    Take these first steps:

    1. Email with "Apprenticeship CLT" in the subject line.

      1. Attach a current résumé and state your program of study, GPA, and career interests; Career Services can help you with your résumé.
      2. Indicate in your email how much course work you have completed to date.
    2. Schedule a meeting with a Workplace Learning coordinator.

    Once you have met with a Workplace Learning coordinator, you will be added to our candidate pool. We will contact you when relevant apprenticeships become available. Please check your Central Piedmont email account regularly.

  • Apprenticeship Charlotte Information for Employers

    Apprenticeships date far back as an effective system of transferring knowledge and skills between generations. Today, North Carolina's apprenticeship program is under the NC Community College System and coordinated by the Department of Labor. Apprenticeships are an effective recruiting and training strategy for your company, even for jobs beyond the traditional trade skills. Central Piedmont's Apprenticeship Charlotte offers a customized program to fit your company's business needs. 

    Let Central Piedmont help your company set-up an apprenticeship program.  Central Piedmont will typically help employers work with the state, particularly in the initial set-up and creation of agreements. Employers with a signed state agreement are ready to begin a registered apprenticeship. With this as a part of your training strategy, you can rely on the college to deliver:

    • administrative support for the candidate intake process
    • coordination of state recognition activities and agreement process
    • detailed information on the required and elective course work, available with certificate, diploma or degree requirements
    • convenient sponsorship option to Central Piedmont (payment process)

    Apprenticeship Benefits for Employers

    • establish job training standards and expectations
    • develop loyal, skilled employees who value company culture
    • nurture your own pipeline of talent for hard-to-fill positions
    • validate your work force as state registered journeymen

    Getting Started

    1. Experienced Workplace Learning staff visits your site to understand your specific job requirements.
    2. Central Piedmont recommends learning programs that match your job skill needs.
    3. A state liaison aligns the occupational title with the educational component and OJT hours.
    4. We work jointly to recruit top candidates based on your selection and hiring process.

    What To Expect From Apprenticeship Charlotte as an Employer

    The following scenario is a typical sequence when establishing an apprenticeship program:

    • Meeting 1: We learn about your unique objectives and operations. We also introduce our team and share details about the apprenticeship program, the potential advantages to employers, offer case studies and student examples. Often, this happens onsite at your company and includes a tour for Central Piedmont faculty and/or a workplace counselor.
    • Meeting 2: We invite you to our campus and lab facilities where you may interact with students and faculty. In this meeting, we discuss how our learning objectives and student skills can be applied in your workplace.
    • Meeting 3: If we've determined a good fit, the third meeting will be to plan the details of the implementation. We'll go over guidelines and expectations, so that we can best evaluate the experience.

    Email us at or to learn more about Apprenticeship Charlotte and custom training needs.